Art. 2762

T-FAL® sealing profile 10-BS

Short description:

Plaster sealing strip with paintable contact limb for sticking to subframes/frames in order to form an airtight joint on plaster. The foam adhesive tape absorbs movements between the plaster and the subframe/frame, the roughened contact limb can be painted over.


Product description


Self-adhesive T-FAL® sealing profile BS with a paintable contact limb, a perforated mounting limb for improved plaster integration, a second pull-off edge for base/finishing plaster and red coloured foam adhesive tape.

Please read the processing instructions for T-FAL® Sealing system BS.

For the areas of use of the T-FAL® sealing profiles, refer to the current T-FAL® application table.


  • Paintable contact limb
  • Perforated mounting limb
  • 10 mm wide
  • 3 mm foam adhesive tape (red)


  • Airtight in accordance with DIN 4108, EnEV [Energy Saving Ordinance], Installation Guidelines (RAL Quality Assurance Association), tested and approved in accordance with DIN EN 12114
  • Meets all requirements in combination with a T-FAL® exterior sealing profile (green) or a driving rain proof, water vapour permeable exterior seal.
  • „innen dichter als außen“ in Bezug auf die Wasserdampfdiffusion, gemessen nach EN ISO 12572 (sd-Wert > 100 m)
  • Complies with ÖNORM B 5320 / class 1B

Product data

  Art.-No. Length Packaging Unit: Pallet Unit:
  2762250 250 cm 60 bars / bundle = 150 rm 60 bundles / pallet = 9000 rm



Technical data sheet

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Processing instructions

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Audit report ift 105 30533

Air tightness, Durability
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Audit report ift 105 41369/1 R1

MO-01/1 – Movement absorption, Resistance
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Audit report ift C-261 42191-1

Fire classification
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Audit report ift 11-001557-PR01

Compatibility with adjacent building materials
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