Art. 7561

D-SYS Expansion joint profile S for ETICS

Short description:

Expansion joint profile for the creation of vertical expansion joints in plaster facades. Used in the plane and in inside corners. The blue peel-off film protects the middle section against soiling while working.


Product description


Three-part expansion joint profile with an elastic middle section, protected against soiling during installation by a peel-off film, made from a combination of hard PVC and TPE, as well as fabric limbs on both sides for even wall surfaces and corners.

Please follow the application guidelines of the European association of plaster profile manufacturers EUROPROFILES for plaster profiles outdoors and indoors.


  • Plaster thickness 6 mm
  • Middle section made from H-PVC and TPE
  • PVC limbs with fabric strips
  • For vertical installation only
  • For even wall surfaces and inner corners


  • Visually appealing expansion joint profile
  • Absorption of large movements
  • UV-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Maintenance-free

Product data

  Art.-No. Length Packaging Unit: Pallet Unit:
  7561260 260 cm 10 bars / bundle = 26 rm 32 bundles / pallet = 832 rm
  7561300 300 cm 10 bars / bundle = 30 rm 32 bundles / pallet = 960 rm



Technical data sheet

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