Art. 6001

10 mm corner plaster angle made of PVC, isosceles

Short description:

Corner plaster angles for creating precise plaster corners for interior and exterior plaster.
Suitable for damp rooms. Endlessly extendable. Rust-proof.


Product description


Corner plaster angles made of hard PVC, isosceles, for creating precise plaster corners. High stability and good plaster claws thanks to special profile geometry. Suitable for damp rooms. Rust-proof.
For interior and exterior plasters from a thickness of approximately 10 mm.

Endlessly extendable with the provided butt connectors.


  • for interior and exterior plasters
  • for creating precise plaster corners
  • permanent protection
  • good plaster grip due to special profile geometry
  • high stability
  • rust-proof


  • visually appealing corner formation
  • permanent protection
  • absolutely rust-proof
  • also suitable for restoration plasters
  • weather-proof

Product data

  Art.-No. Length Packaging Unit: Pallet Unit:
  6001260 260 cm 20 bars/bundle = 52 lfm 36 bundles/pallet = 1872 lfm
  6001300 300 cm 20 bars/bundle = 60 lfm 36 bundles/pallet = 2160 lfm



Technical data sheet

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