Art. 3704

T-FAL® Pressure roller

Short description:

The T-FAL® pressure roller facilitates even pressing of adhered profiles along the full length. The roller with groove serves as guidance in various profile geometries.


Product description


The T-FAL® pressure roller is used for even pressing of adhered profiles. After point by point positioning of the profile, even surface pressure can be applied along the full length of the profile with the help of the T-FAL® pressure roller. The roller with groove serves as guidance in a longitudinal direction and adapts to many different profile geometries. The elbowed neck facilitates handling along the soffit/lintel.


  • Even pressing of the profile
  • Easy to use
  • For right and left-handed use


  • Roller with groove
  • Elbowed neck

Product data

  Art-No. Packaging Unit Pallet Unit:
  3704 6 Pieces / box -