Innovative technology and comprehensive know-how is what distinguishes us.
For more than 10 years, 3ks profile represents outstanding technical performance, innovation, quality, and reliability.

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The core business of the 3ks profile gmbh is the development, production, and sales from soffit junction profiles, seal systems for the mounting of windows and doors, as well as expansion joints for plaster and thermal insulation systems. 
A second pillar is the development and production of nostrums in grading and landscaping under the private label arcadia®. The company was founded by Alfred Beer and Klaus Schall in 1994 under the name of BeScha Baustoffhandels GmbH in Simbach. Rebranded on 01/01/2002 to 3ks profile gmbh, it moved to Geisenhausen. Due to the increased market requirements and storage capacity, it became necessary to combine management and storage under one roof. 3ks found a large and suitable property and has been located back in Simbach at a new address since 03/01/2004.
Klaus Schall has been the sole owner and managing director of the company since 07/01/2012. 

It is of growing importance to find new and economical solutions at a high level in construction. The systematic development of innovative, practice-oriented products in the area of profiles for movement and sealing in the joint area, thought-out and compatible nostrums for our customers, as well as an implementation of our ideas in line with the market are our top priorities.

The quality control of our products ensures the adherence with the highest quality standards.
However, the high quality of our products is also because of tests of various considerable testing institutes such as ift Rosenheim, A.B.O. Rosenheim, or the Fraunhofer Institute. All of these complement the continual quality control of 3ks profile gmbh. 3ks profile gmbh is a member of ift Rosenheim.

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